Rammed Earth

Reyform has the unique ability to design rammed earth for your home or workplace.

Too often, rammed earth buildings are incorrectly designed by architects, causing major construction issues. You can trust Reyform to design your rammed earth structure with precision, taking full advantage of its many environmental and construction benefits. Our designers have years of onsite construction experience using rammed earth therefore we have a full understanding of the products' advantages and limitations.

Rammed earth is made by ramming a mixture of aggregates such as gravel, silt, sand, and clay between flat panels known as formwork. It is a natural product that is exceptionally beautiful while being highly sustainable.  It is structurally strong and durable with a high thermal mass. Rammed earth absorbs heat and redistributes it as the external temperature cools. Well-located rammed earth walls can have a significant impact on energy use, reducing your need for traditional heating and cooling methods. With energy costs on the rise, rammed earth is great option for providing a stable temperature in the home or workplace while reducing our reliance on electricity.

Rammed earth is resistant to fire, vermin and moisture. It is non-toxic and being a natural product, it is readily available. We work alongside Rammed Earth Australia  to deliver your custom made rammed earth structure / formwork.

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